The general definition for an optimized supply chain is one that “gets your customer what it wants, when it wants it – while costing you the least amount of money”. (www.logistics.about .com)
SCM has three levels of activities namely: Strategic, Tactical and Operational. Premier Pallets CC can assist in the Strategic and Operational levels by evaluating the infrastructure of a company, the manufacturing process and the choice of pallets as the products move along the supply chain. Investing in the wrong pallet, can be costly and can also impact on safety and health issues.
The world has entered the Globalization era in die late 1980’s. International criteria or legislation can play a vital role in which pallets will be used to ship the products to different parts of the world. The barring of a shipment from entering a specific country because of the use of wooden pallets instead of plastic pallets,  could have huge financial implications for a company.
During the past 14 years, Premier Pallets CC has advised numerous A-listed companies on the correct choice of plastic pallets. As consultants, we could also advise your business. We believe in “horses for courses” and would also “rather be safe, than sorry!”

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